Macsumsuk vs Elvan research of beneficial wavelength emission within organic compound shows Macsumsuk wavelength increases while elvan's wavelength emissivity greatly drop within the organic compound.
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Macsumsuk Far-Infrared Rays and The Human Body

Macsumsuk is a kind of rare earth mineral that radiates eco-friendly

beneficial far-infrared rays. Macsumsuk radiation is in a beneficial range of 8

to 10 µm, a bio-absorbable range of


Beneficial far-infrared radiation is similar to the beneficial radiation of the sun during the early hours of the day or at sunset. At these times of day the far- infrared rays of the sun are at a range close to 10 µm. Most earth minerals emit far-infrared radiation; however, not all emit the type of far-infrared radiation that is beneficial to the human body. Beneficial far- infrared radiation is about 10 µm; the mineral must emit that wavelength in order to benefit the human body. For maximum emission of far-infrared radiation, the mineral must contain a certain amount of amphibole. Macsumsuk developed by the Macsumsuk GM company, is a natural mineral that contains such amphibole, a mysterious stone that emits far-infrared radiation in the beneficial range of 8-11 µm. In Korean, the name Macsumsuk refers to Mac (the mineral elvan), and gak sum suk (amphibole). Macsumsuk GM is a unique mineral that was trademarked and registered at the patent office in 1995. Macsumsuk GM emits a large quantity of far-infrared radiation that is beneficial to organic compounds. Macsumsuk contains abundant natural minerals such as SiO2 (silica), Al (aluminum) Ca (calcium), Mg (magnesium), Fe (ferrous) and much more. Because of this, it has beneficial bio-activity. Macsumsuk can be refined by sorting, firing, burning, and grinding processes. The refined form is used for medical products, medicines, beauty treatments, and for purification of water and air. Macsumsuk has a strong anti- bacterial effect and is effective for pest control. Macsumsuk revitalizes the cells, helps promote growth and development, and boosts immunity against diseases. Macsumsuk is considered a bio-material with good bio-absorption. Macsumsuk is widely used in various industries. The elvan earth mineral was used in the ancient times for human health, such as in wound healing, and for food storage, although its beneficial effect is not well documented. Today with the help of modern science, elvan was found to emit the greatest amount of far-infrared radiation between 8 to 11 µm. The far-infrared emissions of most minerals drops drastically in human tissue and organic compounds. Therefore, the wavelength range of most minerals doesn’t offer any beneficial effect to humans and organic compounds. Thus, Macsumsuk is a unique earth mineral that omits absorbable and beneficial radiation in the range of 8-11 µm. The Early Morning and Late Evening Sun Produces Far-Infrared Radiation with Beneficial Effects on the Human Body: Far-infrared rays energize cellular tissue: Far-infrared radiation improves immunity and the body’s natural healing ability by energizing cellular tissues. Far-infrared rays elevate the body’s temperature: Far-infrared radiation is a heat ray that transfers heat deep into the body, thus increasing the body’s temperature. Far-infrared rays promote growth: Far- infrared radiation promotes beneficial cellular generation and growth. Far-infrared rays promote blood circulation: Far-infrared rays clean the blood by dismantling intravascular waste and blood clots. This improves blood circulation by elevating blood temperature and relaxing blood vessels. Far-infrared rays promote metabolism: Far- infrared rays eliminate the toxins and heavy metals in the cells and makes the blood slightly alkaline by revitalizing the cellular tissues. Far-infrared rays relive pain: Warming the body improves cellular functions and improves elimination of waste and relieves pain. The pain relieving effects of warmth are evident in the widespread use of heating pads. Macsumsuk Powder and Far-Infrared Radiation:  Macsumsuk is processed by heating and grinding the particles. Then Macsumsuk is refined by molding and compression formulation according to the intended use. Finally, Macsumsuk is heated from 950 to 1300 degrees centigrade (1742 to 2372 degree Fahrenheit) to prevent any pollution by harmful bacteria. The Macsumsuk GM company features cutting-edge automatic facilities and testing equipment. The end result is Macsumsuk that produces maximal beneficial far-infrared radiation effects even with a small amount. Macsumsuk Far-Infrared Radiation Ceramics: Heating the refined Macsumsuk at 1300 degrees centigrade enables the Macsumsuk to emit around 10 µm of beneficial far-infrared radiation. This is the wavelength that is beneficial to the human body and organic compounds. Some high-value Macsumsuk products such as the health heat mat contain silver. A dry molding process and not a general wet or semi-dry molding process produces Macsumsuk ceramics with a clean appearance and consistency which offers increased impact resistance and comprehensive strength for higher durability. Thus, Macsumsuk ceramics do not break easily. The product is inspected for production quality and far- infrared radiation emission to ensure a high quality product. Macsumsuk Ceramics and Far-Infrared Radiation: Macsumsuk ceramics resembles a foam that carries a dozen m2 of nontarget per 1g. Special molding and processing treatments form the Macsumsuk ceramic balls. The far-infrared radiation is heightened through repeated processing so that noxious gases, germs and bad odors are filtered out. Macsumsuk ceramic balls have a specific size, shape, and strength so that they do not wear-out easily. Macsumsuk ceramic balls eliminate the smell of chlorine when used in water and or filters and increase the quantity of dissolved oxygen by energizing the water molecules which makes the water slightly alkaline. Experimental Study of the Far-Infrared Radiation of Macsumsuk and Elvan: The far-infrared radiation of elvan declines drastically as it is absorbed by organic material. However, Macsumsuk’s far-infrared radiation retains its beneficial wavelength as it is absorbed by organic material.  Test result in June 16 2008 at the Korean Research Institute of Standard and Science.
The sun omits far infrared wavelength

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