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Experiment on the Human Body’s Reaction to the Macsumsuk Far-

Infrared Rays Heating Mat

The red part indicates that the far infrared energy of

Macsumsuk has penetrated into endoderm and

corium where it promotes circulation of blood and

improves metabolism, vitality, body waste removal,

and weight loss. The consonance and resonance

effect of far infrared rays penetrate 40 to 50 mm

under the skin to strengthen metabolism and restore

tissues by expanding capillaries and improving blood

circulation. The increase in body temperature

enhances perspiration which in turn facilitates

removal of toxic materials, waste materials, and heavy metals and transforms the

acid constitution into an alkaline one. In addition it relieves stress which is the major

cause of geriatric diseases.

The image illustrates how other medical heating mats or appliances generate heat that is absorbed by superficial layers of the skin so that users easily feel heat. However, the heat from these devices does not penetrate below the surface of the skin. Negative Potential Therapy:    The reason we feel freshness in the woods, by waterfalls, or at the seashore is because of the atoms of air with negative potential – these atoms are called anions. Anions clean the blood and stabilize nerves. The provide a sense of relief from fatigue. Anions are the reason patients visit highlands, seashores, and forest areas for the treatment. Negative potential therapy increases negative potentials in human body and produce the anion effect in body. Negative potential therapy has positive effects on blood, cells, and nerves and makes people healthier.
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Rcom preferred payment method is PayPal accepting credit cards worldwide and many currencies macsumsuk heating mat penetrates far infrared ray deep 40 to 50mm bellow skin surface for health promotion and waste removals non macsumsuk heating pad heats mainly the skin surface leaving a person feeling hot

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