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Experimental Study of the Far-Infrared Radiation of Macsumsuk on

Water, and on intracellular and extracellular fluid within the Human


Common water often

contains dissolved

noxious gases (CL2,

SA2, and CO2) and

pollutants (Hg “mercury,”

Cd “cadmium,” and Pb

“Lead”). When these

molecules dissolve in

water, the normal bond

between the oxygen

atom and the two

hydrogen atoms is

slightly changed. In pure

and healthy water, the

two hydrogen atoms are

bound to the oxygen

atom at an angle of 105

degrees. Because the

hydrogen atoms are not

equidistant from each

other, the water molecule is polar. When noxious gases and pollutants are dissolved

in water, the two hydrogen atoms are moved to an angle of 180 degrees – the two

atoms are equidistant so that the two charges are equal and the water molecule

becomes non-polar. Therefore, the molecular structure of the water is changed by

such pollutants and gases. This is harmful to human cells as the pollutants and

noxious gases easily adhere to human cellular membranes. The far-infrared radiation

activates the mobility of the water molecules and

improves the molecular structure of water as shown

in the image below. As a result, far-infrared radiation

prevents pollution and increases the adhesion and

permeability of the cell membranes, thus increasing

the body’s energy.

Far-infrared radiation affects the water contents,

thus helping to eliminate the toxic substances from

the body, not directly, but by helping to increase the

body’s energy by facilitating the movement of the

water molecules across the cell membranes.

Macsumsuk Experiment Illustrates Instant Effects:

You can confirm the effects of Macsumsuk by

placing Macsumsuk (ceramic or powder) into a

glass of regular soy sauce. The salty taste and

the smell of the soy sauce will become mild in

three minutes.

Mix Macsumsuk with alcoholic beverages, coffee, juice,

milk, yogurt or tobacco. In few minutes you will find that the

taste becomes mild and smooth.

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